Allen Jones

Communications Specialist, Freelance Writer, Editor, Social Media Manager & Event Planner/Marketer
Houston, Texas
Director of Communications & Event Marketing: Strategically Orchestrating Communication Excellence and Event Marketing Mastery.


Allen Jones

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Publication Planning
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With over 20 years of dynamic experience in journalism, news anchoring, digital broadcasting, and event planning, I am a respected Multimedia Communications and Public Relations Expert known for my creative prowess and results-oriented approach. I possess a unique blend of technical proficiency and strategic vision, enabling me to generate hyper-local content, mentor teams, and guide coverage direction for effective communication.

As an engaging strategist, I excel in coordinating in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, prioritizing efficiency, profitability, and attendee experience. My expertise lies in content planning, event production, audience engagement, and cutting-edge live/virtual initiatives, driving companies to top performance through innovative thinking.

I am resourceful and driven, with a proven track record in business development, event management, and people-focused solutions. My ability to assess needs, build professional relationships, and foster strategic partnerships has consistently delivered exceptional results and exceeded expectations.

In content strategy alignment, I am a creative problem solver, adept at crafting compelling narratives across diverse platforms and formats. My adaptability to various writing styles and target audiences ensures effective communication and engagement.

I specialize in process streamlining and forging meaningful connections to facilitate the delivery of sustainability and communications objectives. Through change management initiatives, I champion diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion, and belonging, driving impactful transformation.

As a strategic leader, I am passionate about implementing change management initiatives to oversee public relations, engagement, social impact management, and media relations. My ability to build and lead diverse teams underscores my commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes.

Below listed are some of my skills that can prove beneficial for other companies:
Multimedia Communications | Public Relations | Digital Broadcasting | Event Planning | Content Planning